Pure essential oils, extracted by careful steam distillation and cold pressing, are more powerful and effective than dry herbs and they deliver fast and effective results. When you hold a bottle of essential oil in your hands, you have the best of nature in your hands. The oil can be diffused, inhaled, used on the skin or with a massage.

Essential oils from Young Living are as pure and powerful as possible. I advise you to read the individual labels of the products and to consult the safety page to ensure that you use the oils in a safe way.

You can order the essential oils of Young Living in two ways:

1. Click here to become a Young Living member. Select the desired option – independent distributor or customer.

2. In my shop you can find a few Young Living Oils. I receive a delivery once a month. It therefore takes a maximum of 4 weeks become the ordered oil is available! In case you would like to order something which is currently not available, please contact me.