Member benefits

The Essential Rewards program

Make sure you never end up without your indispensable ‘Young Living’ products! Take advantage of the convenience of the Essential Rewards, Young Living’s automatic expedition program that transports your favorite products from door to door smoothly. This loyalty program, which is only available to YL distributors, has nothing but advantages.

Easy monthly shipping

Take advantage of the convenience of an automatic monthly order. Just set your order and wait while all your favorite products are sent to you immediately, month after month.

Shipping with discount

A discount on shipping costs applies to all Essential Rewards orders. Consult your virtual office for the exact rates that apply to your country.

Exclusive bonuses

β€˜Essential Rewards distributors who qualify for a commission by ordering at least 100 points each month also get access to exclusive revenue sources. The Rising Star Team Bonus is just one way that Essential Rewards members can access additional cash rewards. Find out more about the Young Living Compensation Plan.

Exclusive Rewards points

Earn points for future product purchases with every Essential Rewards order. The more months with Essential Rewards, the more rewards!
For example, place an order of 100 PV Essential Rewards in the first 3 months and earn 10 points that you can redeem for free products.ΒΉ The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

Exclusive gifts

Earn gifts that are only available to Distributors of the Essential Rewards program if you place consecutive Essential Reward orders. Get a reward when you place consecutive orders for 3, 6 and 9 months – and after that. You will also receive an exclusive blend after your 12th consecutive month! ER-anniversary exclusive blend made annually.

How to get started?

Become a member* now by clicking here. Choose the membership option either Independent Distributor or customer.

* If you want to get acquainted with Young Living, but do not want to become a member (yet), you can order a part of the assortment via my shop. This is without the benefits of the loyalty program.