Family Constellations

What is a Family Constellation?

A family constellation is a workshop where you introduce an issue that you want clarity about. 

How does a Family Constellation workshop work?

During this workshop, representatives are chosen as the key players in that issue. 

This creates a tableau vivant that shows underlying aspects of the issue when the representatives are questioned about their feelings and attitudes towards each other and the situation.

Entanglements come to light. These are often unprocessed feelings due to nasty events and lead to stagnation in your current life. Those unprocessed feelings can unintentionally and unconsciously burden children born later, so they are out of balance. With the help of simple instructions, the representatives bring movement into the situation and peace can come between the persons who represent the representatives.

How do I plan a workshop?

At the moment this particular workshop is only available in Dutch! 

If you are interested in this unique way of coaching, I am happy to refer you to my colleague!