Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage

What is Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage?

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese physical therapy that can be used to treat a wide range of problems. Most of the work includes soft tissue injury and movement disorders such as tight muscles and stiff joints. It is safe and suitable for most horses, both to deal with specific physical problems, and to manage stress, mental and emotional health problems.

How does an Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage work?

Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage is purely manual therapy and uses finger and thumb pressure on acupuncture points along the bladder meridian to release limitations in the body that enable and maintain good health. This pressure along the bladder meridian, along with stretching exercises, mobilization and massage, allows the body to release pain and tension, by gently adjusting both posture and posture.

Based on the principles of oriental medicine, Shiatsu has the strong characteristic that it seeks to find and treat the underlying causes of dysfunction, and not just the symptoms. With a well-developed sensitivity of touch, Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage is an effective relaxing tool for good horse health.

Can I ride my horse after an Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage?

You can probably ride your horse immediately after the Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage if absolutely necessary; I think it is better if the horse is not ridden for several hours.

How do I plan an Equine Shiatsu Relax Massage?

Interested in improving the welfare of your horse / pony, please contact me.
A special rate is applicable to a treatment of 2 horses or more.