Equine Sports Massage

What is Equine Sports Massage?

Sports massage for horses focuses on the cause of muscle problems.

Sports massage is not only to relieve pain and reduce injuries, but also to help prevent possible injuries in the future.

Benefits Sports massage:

  • It improves blood circulation so that your horse recovers better from illnesses, accidents and injuries.
  • It reduces muscle cramps, making your horse move more smoothly.
  • Sports massage reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints, reducing pain.
  • It provides more muscle development, your horse will look different.
  • Sports massage ensures that the muscle gets more length, an increase in freedom of movement.
  • It stimulates the circulation of the lymphatic system, less thick legs.
  • Sports massage takes care of waste disposal, no longer stiff after the competition.
  • It increases the production of synovia in the joints, better lubrication, less wear and inflammation.
  • Sports massage teaches your horse how his / her body functions, more conscious and better use of the body.
  • Massage teaches a horse to relax, improves “character” and simply said your horse feels better.

Can I ride my horse after a sports massage?

I think it is better if the horse is not ridden for several hours.

How do I plan a sports massage?

Interested to improve the muscles of your horse / pony, please contact me.
When treating 2 horses or more, an adjusted rate applies.