Equine Assisted Coaching

What is Equine Assisted Coaching?

Equine Assisted Coaching – or paardencoaching – is not coaching horses, but coaching people with the help of a horse.

Here, the nature of the horse is called upon, namely being a flight animal and living in a herd. Apart from the ranking in a herd, every herd member must be healthy. They do this from their perspective to be as safe as possible together and to be able to flee at possible danger.

Horses are therefore very good at mirroring emotions, sensing energy flawlessly and continuously scanning the body posture of the other person.

What does Equine Assisted Coaching do?

Horses mirror behavior and emotions through which people can really come into contact with their own self, provided they are open to it.

People can become aware of impeding factors, motives and steering mechanisms.

This awareness makes it clear what someone could change or what goals could be set.

How does an Equine Assisted Coaching workshop work?

While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, we personally meet each other and I explain what Equine Assisted Coaching is.
After a few questions about your coaching question / theme, you will receive an explanation of the safety rules and if necessary we will do a relaxation exercise.

To gain insight into your coaching question / theme, we go to a paddock. Here you get acquainted with the horse. You will get assignments to experience together with the horse what qualities you have and which blockages you are running into.

The assignments can be carried out individually as well as in a team. The Equine Assisted Coach translates the language of the horse and gives it as feedback to you. This way, unconscious patterns are made visible and tangible and we can then go deeper into your coaching question / theme.

After the workshop we clear up and evaluate the Equine Assisted Coaching.

How can Equine Assisted Coaching help me?

Equine Assisted Coaching provides insight into your personal qualities and qualities, pitfalls and recurring problem situations.

It is also suitable to investigate personal themes that you are constantly struggling against (which you are hampering).

Equine Assisted Coaching helps with:

  • Prevent absenteeism
  • Career counseling and advice
  • Teambuilding
  • Personal coaching (personal development & authenticity)
  • Obtaining self-insight and / or gaining insight into situations
  • Making choices and / or setting priorities
  • Finding / obtaining balance
  • Leadership coaching
  • Communication issues

How do I plan a workshop?

A workshop can be performed individually or in a group.

For group workshops or special arrangements, please contact me.