Horse meets Access Bars

What does Horse meets Access Bars mean?

MAP Coaching has joined forces with massagepraktijk Release&Heal . We offer a unique 2-in-1 concept of an Access Bars treatment in combination with a Equine Assisted Coaching workshop.

What are Access Bars?

Access Bars are 32 pressure points that form energy paths through and around the head. It contains all your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Each pressure point represents a specific context in your life. So you have pressure points that represent the body, money, control, communication, joy, sadness, gratitude, decisiveness, healing, aging, creativity etc.

How can this treatment help me?

Scientific research has shown that cells become oval if they are influenced by thoughts, feelings and emotions. What can cause discomfort or illness. By tracing the Bars, cells can return to their original natural spheres.

It has also been scientifically demonstrated that an Access Bars treatment influences the electrical functioning of the brain. During a Bars treatment, the brain waves move to Theta, the state of deep relaxation just before the sleep phase (Delta). This gives you access to and you can make changes to established behavioral patterns, beliefs, emotions and opinions that determine your current life.

Through the natural behavior of the horse, the horse will show which obstructing patterns and / or feelings are still present in a certain area.

How do I plan a workshop?

This workshop can currently only be scheduled in consultation.

For special arrangements, please contact us.