Equine Assisted Coaching for Children

How does an Equine Assisted Coaching workshop work?

By walking, stroking, hugging and brushing, horses help the child to ground and regain his strength. That strenght is there but is often hidden under layers of fear, anger or sadness. Sometimes children find it difficult to talk, the horse helps them with this.

What does Equine Assisted Coaching do?

By working together with the horse, the horse will mirror the child so that it shows what is going on inside and the child will learn what the influence of his / her behavior is on the other and how you can be clear to the other. We also figure out: who are you, what are your thoughts, how can you do what you find important? Also specific questions are not a problem. What is great about working with horses is that children are much more open to feedback. It also makes your personal development more accessible, especially for adolescents. Horses do not judge – it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you are sincere.

How can Equine Assisted Coaching help me?

Equine Assisted Coaching can be used for children who: 

  • are anxious
  • have little self-confidence
  • have difficulty expressing themselves or setting boundaries
  • being bullied or being the bully themselves
  • do not “feel comfortable”
  • are afraid of animals

How can I schedule a workshop?

A workshop can be performed individually or in a group.

Interested in this unique way of working or would you like special arrangements, please contact me.